10 Easy, Fun, and Exciting Gelato DIY Recipes for Everyone

Hey there, dessert enthusiasts! Get on a sweet journey filled with velvety goodness and tantalizing flavours. We're diving into the delightful world of DIY gelato recipes that are not only easy to make but also promise to add a splash of excitement to your dessert game. Whether you have just started exploring gelato or are an OG lover, these fun and creative recipes made with classic or vegan desserts are sure to make your taste buds dance with joy.

 Gelato Affogato: Espresso Elegance

Imagine this: a warm shot of espresso cascading over a scoop of your favourite gelato, creating a symphony of flavours and temperatures. It's the Gelato Affogato, a simple yet sophisticated treat that combines the richness of gelato with the boldness of espresso. Take your coffee break to the next level by indulging in this elegant and effortless dessert.

Gelato Sandwiches: The Ultimate Ice Cream Upgrade

Say goodbye to plain old ice cream sandwiches and welcome the Gelato Sandwich! Picture this – two homemade cookies hugging a generous scoop of your preferred gelato. The result? A heavenly union of chewy, crunchy, and creamy goodness. Get creative with your cookie choices – chocolate chip, oatmeal, or even a playful sprinkle-covered variety. These handheld delights are a fun twist on a classic.

Gelato Milkshake: Blend, Sip, Smile

Why settle for a regular milkshake when you can blend up a velvety Gelato Milkshake? Grab your favourite gelato flavour, toss it in a blender with some milk, and let the magic happen. Want to kick it up a notch? Throw in some fruits, chocolate chips, or a swirl of caramel or chocolate syrup. Pour it into a glass, top it with whipped cream or sugar free ice cream or gelato from Veluto, and sip away on your customised creation.

Gelato Popsicles: Frozen Fun on a Stick

Beat the heat with homemade Gelato Popsicles – a cool and refreshing treat that's as easy to make as it is delightful to eat. Mix your preferred gelato flavour with a splash of milk or fruit puree, pour it into popsicle molds, and let it freeze into popsicle perfection. These frozen delights are not just for kids; they're a playful way for everyone to enjoy their favourite gelato on a stick. 

Gelato Trifle: Layers of Joy

Elevate your dessert game with a Gelato Trifle – a masterpiece of layers and flavours that will leave your taste buds singing. Picture this: cubes of vegan cakes or brownies intermingled with scoops of your favourite gelato, all drenched in a luscious sauce. Top it off with whipped cream and fresh fruit or crumbles of choco brownie fudge for a dessert that's as visually stunning as it is delicious.

Gelato Parfait: Crunchy Bliss in a Glass

Looking for a dessert that's as pleasing to the eyes as it is to the palate? Try the Gelato Parfait! Layer fresh gelato with crunchy delights like granola or nuts in a glass. The result? A delightful concoction that's as fun to eat as it is to look at. Top it with a dollop of whipped cream and a sprinkle of shaved chocolate for the ultimate parfait experience.

Gelato Float: Fizzy Fun for Everyone

Turn your favourite gelato into a bubbly sensation with a Gelato Float! Simply place a scoop of gelato into a glass and pour your preferred carbonated beverage over it – soda, sparkling water, or even champagne for a touch of sophistication. Watch as the fizzy bubbles mingle with the creamy gelato, creating a refreshing and effervescent treat and a perfect gluten free dessert to savour. 

Gelato Tiramisu Jars: Jarfuls of Joy

Take the classic Tiramisu to new heights with Gelato Tiramisu Jars with layers of fudgesticks soaked in coffee, intertwined with a mascarpone-gelato mixture, all packed into small jars. Repeat the layers and finish it off with a dusting of cocoa powder. These jarfuls of joy are not just adorable; they're a portable delight for any occasion and a perfect dessert on the party platters.

Gelato Fruit Bowl: Nature's Edible Bowl

For all the vegan sugar free dessert lovers a simple to make dessert recipe. Combine the goodness of vegan sugar free gelato with the freshness of fruits in a Gelato Fruit Bowl. Scoop fruity gelato flavours like mango, lemon, or blueberry into halved and hollowed-out fruits like oranges or watermelons. Top it with fresh berries or chopped fruits for a dessert that's not only delicious but also visually stunning. It's nature's edible bowl, and every bite is a burst of fruity bliss.

Gelato Pizza: A Sweet Slice of Creativity

Unleash your creativity with a Gelato Pizza – a dessert that combines the joy of pizza with the sweetness of gelato. Spread a thin layer of gelato over a pre-baked pizza crust and top it with bonbons, fruit slices, nuts, and a drizzle of honey. It's a unique and delicious twist that will have everyone reaching for another slice.


There you have it, dessert enthusiasts – ten easy, fun, and exciting DIY gelato recipes that will transform your kitchen into a culinary playground. From the Gelato Affogato to Gelato Pizza, these recipes are designed to bring joy to your taste buds and a smile to your face. If you are a vegan or don't have sugar explore the range of sugar free gelato and vegan ice cream cake from Veluto. 

So, order your favourtie gelato flavours from Veluto,  gather your ingredients, put on your apron, and let the gelato galore begin! Happy scooping!