A Scoop Of Fresh Gelato Ice Cream In The Bursting Monsoon: Debunking the Myths

A Slice of Fresh Gelato For Every Ice Cream Lover This Monsoon!

A monsoon is about immersion. But with everything that comes with it. The cozy feeling of being indoors, the sound of the rain outdoors, and something that one thing that you let yourself eat without any guilt.

Monsoon season comes in a variety of hues, from little drizzles to torrential downpours. If you’ve got to be inside, you may as well make it count. Enter Gelato.

Gelato can turn a simple occasion into a special one. However, there are some myths about eating during monsoon season. It’s time to burst those myths and serve yourself a scoopful of natural ice cream and see how your mood lifts up within seconds of having a bite of artisanal gelato ice cream at Veluto.

Is Gelato different from Ice cream?

Gelato is Italian for ‘ice cream’. In fact, it’s what came first. It’s the OG version of ice cream because it’s made in small batches to ensure perfection. It’s churned with less air creating a denser texture and locally sourced natural ingredients which make it a great option for healthy desserts.


Myths Regarding The Consumption of Ice cream In the Monsoon

  • Beating the humidity of monsoon

One of the most common myths is that you should never eat ice cream during the monsoon because the rain is said to make ice cream "unsafe" to eat. Let’s talk about this for a second? Gelato products are first heated to a boil during mixing, and then frozen below freezing point, leaving absolutely no space for a germ to survive.

  • Increased risk of food borne illness during monsoons

You are what you eat. As long as you are eating products that are made from locally sourced, pure ingredients and are stored to health guidelines, you are as safe as can be. In fact, if you’re worried Veluto's sugar free gelato not only delivers on taste but also on quality and health. The sugar-free options are high on taste and low on guilt.

  • Catching cold because of eating ice creams

Well, you do catch a cold, but not because you were soaked in the rain. You become ill as a result of the sudden drop in temperature after it rains. When a cold day arrives after a string of hot and humid days, your body reacts, and the handkerchief becomes your greatest friend. So stop blaming your good old ice cream and have a scoop of the best gelato in Delhi today!

  • There is no scientific basis for these beliefs, and there is no reason why you should avoid eating ice cream during the monsoon season. In fact, ice cream can be a refreshing and delicious way to stay cool and hydrated during the hot and humid weather.

Tips to ensure the authenticity of the ice cream you are eating

  • Buy ice cream from a reputable brand.
  • Opt for sugar free desserts that are low on calories and high on taste.
  • Do not eat ice cream that has been melted and refrozen.
  • Check if the ice cream you are buying is made of real ingredients to make natural ice cream.
  • Check the date of expiry of the ice cream that you are buying. Usually, ice cream has a 3 month shelf life.

Let’s be real. At the end of the day, you are your mood. A happy heart is a healthy heart. Ice cream has the ability to make everything better, no matter what time of the day, or what time of the year. So, next time you're feeling hot and humid, reach for a scoop of fresh gelato ice cream this monsoon season and enjoy!