Celebrate Festival of Lights With Exclusive Veluto Desserts

Diwali always brings a flurry of activities, celebrations, and joyous moments. From Pre-Diwali preparations to the grand Diwali, Veluto the house of Artisanal Gelato desserts is the perfect treat throughout the festive season. Whether you're shopping, hosting a party, or looking for unique Diwali gifts, Veluto has something purely delightful in store for you.

Pre-Diwali Delight

Kicking off Diwali festivities with Pre-Diwali, when everyone gears up for the upcoming celebrations is the perfect way to get into the mood. Days are filled with shopping, party preps, decorations, and much more. And after a hectic day of Diwali shopping, there's no better way to unwind than indulging in a delicious treat. Order online or head to Select City Walk Saket or DLF Mall of India, where Veluto has a special offer – buy 2 scoops and get 1 free! Treat yourself to the goodness of gelato and recharge for the celebrations ahead.

Preparing for the Diwali Party

Hosting a Diwali party is a tradition for many, and Veluto desserts can be a game-changer. With our rich collection of gelato cakes, babycakes, waffelato, scoops of gelato, and fudgesticks, Veluto has something to excite the taste buds of all age groups. These variety of desserts are the perfect addition to your get-together with friends and family. The gelato offerings come in a variety of flavours, from classic caramel chocolate to refreshing lemon cheesecake and more.

Start preparing for your Diwali party with a slice of Veluto's gelato cakes. These cakes not only look stunning but also offer a delightful burst of flavour, and are also available as bento cakes or Babycakes. Another standout offering from Veluto is Waffelato the Ice Cream Sandwich, a delightful combination of waffles and gelato available in versatile flavours, including Vanilla Bean, Intense Chocolate, Coffee Therapy, Salted Caramel, and Oreo Vanilla. These crispy, waffles filled with premium gelato will create a truly memorable dessert experience.

A Unique Diwali Gift for Your Loved Ones

Diwali is a time of giving, and what's better than gifting a unique burst of flavours? Veluto offers gelato bonbons, a pack of delightful bite-sized treats, and tubs of sugar-free gelato. These make for excellent gifts for your friends, family, and acquaintances. The gelato bonbons come in four unique flavours - chocolate, coconut, vanilla, and coffee. Share these bite-sized desserts and bring a blast of happiness to your loved ones.

If you're looking for a health-conscious Diwali gift, consider Veluto's Sugar-Free Gelato range. It's a perfect treat for those who are watching their sugar intake but still want to have some rich and creamy flavourful gelato. The sugar-free options come in various classic and unique flavours, ensuring that everyone can enjoy a guilt-free Diwali treat.

Diwali Party Time!

The actual Diwali Dhoom is a time of grand celebrations. Whether it's an office party or a gathering at your place, Veluto desserts are there to make the festivities even sweeter.

  • Party in the Office: Who says Diwali celebrations are limited to homes? Office parties are a common sight during this festive season. Impress your colleagues with a unique flavour of celebration - a gelato cake from Veluto. These cakes are a fusion of creaminess and taste that will leave your coworkers coming back for more. Be it caramel chocolate, hazelnut chocolate, or Italian Tiramisu, Veluto offers a variety of flavours to choose from.
  • Party at Your Place: If you're hosting a Diwali party at your place, there's no better time to serve sweet and delightful desserts to your guests. Veluto offers dessert and party catering options. You can customise your order to get sugar-free or vegan gelato cakes, babycakes, bonbons, waffelato, fudge sticks, and gelato scoops. The best part is that Veluto provides options for sugar-free and vegan desserts, catering to various dietary preferences.

This Diwali, make it a point to savour the flavours of Veluto and share happiness with your loved ones. After all, Diwali is a time for light, love, and sweet delights, and Veluto ensures you have the most delightful experience throughout the festival. 

The Grand Finale: Dessert Time

As your Diwali party progresses, it's time to bring out the showstoppers from Veluto. Start your dessert course with a slice of Veluto's gelato cakes, available in a wide range of flavours. Choose from chocolate varieties like caramel chocolate, hazelnut chocolate, and chocolate vanilla Oreo. Or, if you prefer fruity flavours, there's lemon cheesecake and blueberry. The Italian Tiramisu offers a unique twist on a classic dessert.

The joy of Diwali would only be complete with a burst of flavours, and that's where Veluto's gelato bonbons come in. These little bursts of happiness in chocolate, coconut, vanilla, and coffee flavours are perfect to share with your loved ones. They complement the festive atmosphere beautifully, just like crackers do during the Diwali celebrations.

After a hearty Diwali meal, end on a sweet note with Veluto's Fudgesticks. These delectable treats are made with real Colombian chocolate and cocoa, giving them a rich and indulgent flavour. They are gluten-free desserts and free from artificial colours and flavours, making them a light and satisfying way to conclude your festive feast.

Before your guests bid adieu, surprise them with a pack of waffelato from Veluto. These versatile waffelato flavours can be a great parting gift that leaves a lasting impression and makes your Diwali celebration truly grand. 

Add an extra layer of sweetness and joy to Diwali and make your celebrations truly memorable with the Buy Two and Get One Free Veluto Diwali offer

Celebrate Diwali with Veluto and make it a season of sweetness and joy!