Celebrate Friendship Day With Delicious Velvety Gelato Cakes From Veluto

From laughing our guts out in restless jam sessions to moving to distant cities to hustle and create our own lives, we all grew up. 

There is nothing quite like friendship. Life gets busy, but memories with our friends are etched into our hearts - a strong thread making us remember every sweet-bitter moment when occasions like Friendship Day pop up. So as the calendar has flipped to this day, it's time to give expression to our feelings by celebrating this day most uniquely.

Let’s make our friends feel special by celebrating this friendship day with the most delectable gelato cakes at Veluto.

Raise A Toast To Friendship With Cakes And Baby Cakes

Friends paint our lives with shades brighter than the colour of a rainbow. They stick by us through thick and thin and understand us when sometimes our own family may not. Friends are indeed the family we choose! 


Friendship is like a bag of assorted sweets - each with its own distinct uniqueness. Friends bring myriad colours of joy, mischief, laughter, drama, and unconditional love. There’s no reason not to celebrate these special super-humans of our lives who have seen it all and still stood by us! The friends who have seen our darkest times and still didn’t choose to leave our side.

These sweet memories call for a sweet bite. Make this day special by ordering delicious cakes from Veluto, a perfect sweet treat to enjoy with your school or college friends group. Friends are special, make them feel extra special this friendship day by choosing the best ice cream cake online. True friends are just a few and they need to be celebrated with something fresh, something new!

Expressing Gratitude For The Special Friendships In Life

There are regular cakes and Ice Cream Cakes. We are taking it a step further with a Gelato Cake, which features two exquisitely handpicked artisanal gelato flavours bonded together by a delicate layer of sponge and toppings.

  • Celebrations For a Large Group or Small Group Of Friends 

If you are planning a reunion with your group of school friends or college friends who are close to your heart, ordering an ice cream cake online can be a great option. Order ice cream cake online from Veluto available in a range of flavours such as coffee chocolate, caramel chocolate, hazelnut chocolate, lemon cheesecake, mango, and blueberry cheesecake amongst others.

  • For Your Long Distance Best friend

When two best friends come together magic happens. To celebrate your deep fondness and affection towards your best friend, you can order a mini cake, or a ‘baby cake’ to bring the widest smiles as they dig into the smaller version of the delicious gelato cake by Veluto.

You also have the option of eggless babycakes that comes in a variety of flavours such as coffee chocolate, caramel chocolate, hazelnut chocolate, chocolate vanilla Oreo, lemon cheesecake, blueberry cheesecake, Italian tiramisu, and the most exquisite dark chocolate almond Kahlua.

  • Cheers to new friendships

As we age, only a few friendships thrive and stand the test of time. However, this does not mean that we stop making new friends. Finding a connection with people can happen anytime. So, it is important to keep our hearts open all the time and celebrate our new friendships as we get older and wiser. Buy ice cream cake online to celebrate the new friends that came and filled your life with joy and happiness - friends who may be new in your life, but have become a true blessing!

The Velvety Gelato Experience

The velvety texture of the gelato cakes is carefully crafted to perfection using the finest ingredients. Each spoonful of this gelato is a burst of authentic flavors that will leave you craving more. This Friendship Day, Veluto brings an exclusive range of gelato cakes that promise to take your celebration to the next level.

Veluto Themed Friendship Cakes

If you and your friends are a fan of the TV show Friends, you can treat your particular group of friends, with the customised ice cream cake Delhi at Veluto, which makes friendship-themed gelato cakes that your friends will surely love. From heartwarming messages to beautifully decorated toppings, these gelato cakes are a symbol of the cherished moments shared between friends.

Diverse Flavors to Suit Every Palate

It's time to take a stroll down the sweet memories of your friendship with your best buddies relishing the good old times you spent with them. Take a moment to thank them with the gift of delicious cakes! Veluto offers a wide array of gelato flavors, ensuring there is something for everyone. Whether your friends prefer classic flavours like chocolate and vanilla or more adventurous combinations like Italian tiramisu or lemon cheesecake, Veluto's gelato cakes have got it all covered.

Eggless and Vegan Options

Veluto makes eggless cakes that can be enjoyed and guilt-free and is rich in flavor and light in taste. Additionally, you can also buy vegan and sugar-free cakes in the same flavours.

Eggless: For the friend who is into fasting and is a vegetarian.

Sugar-Free: Show them you actually care. Send your loved one a gift of sugar-free cake, made with sweeteners like Stevia. This is one of the healthy dessert options available.  

Vegan Sugar-Free: Veluto keeps everybody’s preferences in mind. The vegan range is made for the one who has adopted vegan  “dairy-free” products. Take care of these friends by pampering them with Veluto’s sweet delights.

Personalization Options

Make this Friendship Day truly memorable by personalizing the gelato cake for your best friends. Veluto allows you to add personalized messages and even choose specific toppings that resonate with your friendship journey, making the celebration all the more special.

Celebrating Friendship: A Treasure Trove of Unforgettable Moments

 Sweets make an integral part of celebrations. Friendship Day is like a mini festival! It is a treasure trove of unforgettable memories that starts unfolding the moment you sit with your same old group and the sweet-silly and mischievous tales start rolling out with bouts of laughter.

Veluto’s gelato cake delivery is a smooth and hassle-free process. So what’s the delay? Celebrate the symphony of friendship with easy online ice cream

 cake delivery of gelato cakes and baby cakes at Veluto!