Introducing The Most Unique, Healthy Dessert Options

What’s tastier than Waffles? Waffelatos!

Introducing The Most Unique, Healthy Dessert Options

What makes breakfast amazing? Waffles, obviously. And what makes dinner complete? Ice Cream.

Veluto has come up with a way to span the best parts of the day and combine the two and make the most delectable ice cream sandwich you can think of. Presenting the Waffelato, made with our signature homemade waffle and artisanal gelato, each one complete with both sauce and toppings.

Creamy gelato and crispy, crunchy signature waffle give us our very own Waffelato! Each Waffelato is handcrafted with carefully curated gelato flavours, nuts, and sauces to make the easiest answer to order desserts online in Delhi!

Wait, but what goes into the making of these Waffleatos?

Waffelatos are created to give you a bit of everything. The creamy gelato is delicious on your tongue and taste buds and the crispy waffle give you the perfect bite. Combine these two and Voila! We have our unique one-of-the-kind healthy desserts that are a delight to your taste buds. Our Waffelato portions are the ideal portion sized and made from ingredients and natural flavours, that are fresh and healthy. It’s perfect for those that want healthy desserts with minimal fats and sugars that want to enjoy their desserts without guilt.

The Delightful Waffle Variations and Flavours

  1. Chocolate Almond- To make our Intense Chocolate gelato more intense, we combined it with colombian chocolate cauce and chopped almonds. It is as daring as it is lovely.

  1. Vanilla Oreo- This is one of the personal favourites of Veluto! Vanilla bean gelato   with Oreo chunks sandwiched with chocolate sauce in waffle.

  1. Caramel Crunch- Our salted caramel gelato with a chocolate sauce and caramelised sugar crunch combination. It's the right balance of sweet and salty, just how everything should be.

  1. Coffee Almond- This one is for coffee lovers out there! Sure, start your morning with coffee but end your day with a combination of our Coffee Therapy gelato with chocolate sauce and chopped almonds.

  1. The Breakfast Waffle- The most unique offering so far. A beautiful Fior de Latte Gelato with chunks of Roasted Coconut, Almonds, Caramel Crunch, Jaggery and Orange Peel. Imagine your ideal breakfast buffet, but now make it ice cream. The waffles are a given, right?

A Dish That Stays Sweet: Waffleatos For Every Occasion

The waffelatos at Veluto are combined with the magic of toppings and sauces, making it an absolute delight among dessert lovers. Our ice cream sandwich is a perfect treat for all occasions. Whether it's someone’s birthday, anniversary or even a celebration of a loved one’s achievement, a gift of waffelatos will never fail you!

Why? Because Waffles are too good for just a lazy Sunday morning. Why not for brunch with friends as a delicious dessert? Or carry them over for your next picnic. Or hand them out for your next soiree. It’s fun. It’s versatile. And it’s a healthy dessert! Ditch your boring old chocolate cake and switch to a waffelato today!