Is Gelato better than Ice Cream?

The most challenging task in the universe is to say a no to frozen desserts because no matter how full you are or how late it’s been, there’s still a lot of space for an over the top ice-cream sundae or a serving of mint chocolate chip out of the cartoon. That brings us to the most  important question, Have you tried Gelato? No, it’s not your ordinary ice cream! It’s better, tastier, and healthier. No worries!

What is a Gelato?

It’s dense. It’s rich. It’s smooth. but guess what? It’s as light as can be.

A denser, richer and smooth frozen dessert, Gelato is an Italian version of ice cream that dates back to thousand years that gained immense popularity during the Renaissance. The base of a Gelato is made from pure cream, sugar and milk. But, wait! You need to know the difference that makes all the difference.

Ice Cream and Gelato

We don’t want to burst your bubble, we know you love your ice cream. But, all these years, your post-dinner dessert craving is actually a lot of air mixed in milk solids, sugar, and preservatives. That’s why when it melts, it’s just a quarter of what it was when frozen. 

Enter Gelato, where everything from ingredients and process to serving is to perfection. Gelatos are made from real milk, cream, and sugar. No preservatives or air are making up for the Gelato treat. All the flavours of our Gelato come from real ingredients and no artificial flavourings.  

Unlike ice cream, Gelato is churned in small batches and at low speeds, leading to smooth textures and less air. Gelatos are stored at higher temperatures to avoid complete freezing. 

Needless to say, a tub of Gelato will feel as rich and satisfying as your favourite dessert but without the guilt of ice cream. Let’s just say, it’s good fat!