Pass Around Mini Desserts In A Platter Of Sweets on Dussehra

Festivities begin! Celebrations are around the corner and this unfolds the best part! It’s time to indulge in your favourite sweet treats. After all, no festival is complete without a platter of delicious desserts. 

Festivals bring people together. Whether it’s your family or friends, when it's a festival, there’s going to be a get-together. This time surprise them by including something special in your platter of sweets. Something that is unheard of, something whose sweetness and flavour can tantalise taste buds, it’s almost offering them a slice of heaven wrapped in dessert! 

Wondering what that could be?

It’s Veluto’s bon bons and fudgesticks! Perfect small-sized sweet delights to be included in your party platters that add to the festive and celebration of Dussehra. 

Celebrating Dussehra With Veluto’s Mini Delicacies

Dussehra, also known as Vijayadashami, is a vibrant and significant Hindu festival celebrated with great zeal and enthusiasm across India. It marks the victory of good over evil and symbolises the triumph of Lord Rama over the demon king Ravana. As with any Indian festival, Dussehra is incomplete without its delectable array of sweets and desserts. This year add a unique twist to your Dussehra celebrations by serving pass-around mini desserts in a platter of sweets whose taste forges a sense of togetherness and happiness, which is what festivals are all about!  

The Significance of Sweets in Dussehra: The Joy Of Sharing 

Sweets have always held a special place in Indian festivals, and Dussehra is no exception. It is a time for families and friends to come together, exchange gifts, and share joy. Sweets are the epitome of this shared happiness. They are offered to deities during worship, distributed among loved ones, and enjoyed as a symbol of prosperity and good fortune.

Pass-Around Mini Desserts

While traditional Indian sweets like laddoos, jalebis, and barfis are beloved staples of Dussehra celebrations, there's room for something new, something out of the ordinary. Pass-around mini desserts are a delightful modern twist that combines the essence of tradition with modern savouries, a sweet confection of which Gen-Z and children are most fond of! 

While traditional sweets have been running along the family lines, no one bothers about the time and effort it takes to make a laddoo or a sweet at home. Not to forget the excess amount of sugar that goes in it. This Dussehra, try Veluto’s mini desserts that will please your loved ones. 

Here’s a catch! 

Veluto’s savouries or miniature delights like ice cream bon bons are also available in a sugar-free range, in case you have decided to go 

no- sugar this season! 

  • Bon bons 

If you are a chocolate lover having a deep fondness for anything chocolaty with some dash of hazelnut swirl, you need to try Veluto's bon bons!

Wondering what are bonbons? 

Bon Bons are prepared with homemade gelato that has been dipped in hot Colombian chocolate. These come in boxes of 16 and are available in four flavours: chocolate, coffee, coconut, and vanilla. Buy bon bons, a delicious treat, most ideal to be passed around while meeting and greeting your loved ones. After all, the waves of laughter, happiness and sweetness will only add to the auspiciousness and prosperity of the festival. 

  • Fudge sticks

If you like chocolate brownie fudge, you’re going to fall head over heels in love with the taste of fudge sticks. Fudge sticks are biscuit fingers coated in handmade fudge and frozen to produce the ideal dessert finger snack. If you want to stock up on some delicious savouries to be served with the array of sweets at festivals, fudge sticks are your best bet! 

Why Choose Pass Around Mini Desserts? 

These miniature sweet treats offer several advantages for your Dussehra gathering:

  • Variety: A platter of pass-around mini desserts allows you to offer a wide variety of flavours and textures.
  • Ease of Serving: Serving mini desserts is hassle-free. Guests can simply pick up a small dessert and savour it without the need for plates, forks, or spoons.
  • Portion Control: Mini desserts encourage portion control, ensuring that everyone can enjoy a taste without feeling overwhelmed by a large serving.

In Conclusion 

With the festival season knocking at your door, it would be unprepared on your end, if you don’t plan your sweet serving in advance. In order to have a great celebration, be prepared to greet your loved ones with party catering pass-around mini desserts in a platter of sweets. Add a blast to your festive season with delectable delights at Veluto, making your Dussehra celebration memorable and delicious. So, this year, let your festivities be filled with not just the triumph of Lord Rama but also the triumph of taste buds. Happy Dussehra!