Scooping, Topping, and Serving Utensils! Let’s talk more about Gelatos

The Gelato fever is never going down because everything about it is just simply incredible.

It would never be enough, no matter how much you talk of its goodness. It is better to call this version of ice cream a nice cream, right?

Desserts have a paramount space in our lives, especially when it comes to cold servings. The concept of Gelato has evolved to deliver an experience that is real and captivating because what a good treat can do, nothing else can!

 Don't you think toppings on dessert have been a game-changer? Like, who likes enjoying a plain scoop of Gelato these days? And, what about the scoop? How much can one scoop of Gelato do for your sweet tooth cravings? Are you curious? So are we! Let's find out!


A Gelato is scooped very differently than ice cream. The Gelato scooping spoon is tapered and smooth that features an extraordinary spring release. It might seem to be a very meagre thing, but then the right scooping features a very distinct difference in the treat. The Gelato is generally in a free form because of its smoothness. However, ice cream has a nice round and scooped shape.


Toppings have become one of the most loved trends in serving desserts. These days there's an entire bar dedicated to a wide range of topping options ranging from crushed cookies, candy, sprinkles, marshmallows, cherries, whipped cream, and more, all in one common fare! We all enjoy ice cream toppings, but how about a Gelato with your favourite toppings? Yes, it's incredible, or somewhat beyond amazing! A more dense and creamy base with crunchy toppings? Is your mouth watering already?

 Serving Style

While asking for ice cream, we are always asked if we want to be served in a cup or a cone. The serving cups are of many different sizes, depending on the buyers' preference. And the spoon is a typical plastic one. But, how well does serving impacts the dessert experience? With cones, you have options of a wafer or cake cone, waffle cone, or sugar cone. But what about Gelato? The serving of Gelato is typically in a tulip cup that comes with a tiny and cute spoon. And, yes, Gelato comes in cones too! But the size can be smaller.

 It's never coming real until you try Gelato yourself because there's no going back once you do! The minute detailing we emphasise will get a reality check when you are served your favourite Gelato flavour in the most delectable manner.