Unravelling the Magic behind Crafting Veluto's Trendy Waffelatos


The art of crafting a dessert that merges the crisp delight of waffles with the indulgence of velvety fresh gelato is quite an experience. Veluto's Waffelatos epitomize this culinary creativity, a perfect fusion of textures and flavours that is a delight to savour. This immersive journey takes us deep into the heart of Veluto's kitchens, where the meticulous process of creating their signature Waffelatos unfolds, revealing the intricate interplay between the crispy waffles and the creamy flavourful gelato that makes the perfect gift for your loved ones.

Creating the Base

The foundation upon which the Waffelato rests is none other than the waffle itself. These crispy creations aren't mere accompaniments but rather integral components that bring a unique textural contrast to the dessert.

Veluto's artisans invest their expertise in achieving the perfect balance - a waffle that maintains its crunchiness while harmonizing with the gelato's lusciousness to create the perfect creamy bite. These golden waffles, baked to perfection, set the stage for an unparalleled taste experience.

Selecting the Gelato

A symphony is incomplete without its leading notes, and similarly, the gelato takes center stage in the Waffelato masterpiece.

The meticulous selection of premium ingredients that make up the artisanal gelato and the careful churning process result in a product that's nothing short of perfection. From the classic taste of Vanilla to the sweet crunch of Oreo, to the intense allure of Chocolate churned with crispy roasted almonds, to the aromatic embrace of Coffee Almond - the signature breakfast waffle combined with flavours of roasted coconut, almonds, and jaggery make an exquisite product that can be enjoyed at any time of the day. Each flavour is an embodiment of excellence and you can try and choose the one perfectly suited for your taste buds.

The Symphony of Assembly

A slice of freshly churned gelato is meticulously placed atop the waffle base and then sandwiched between another waffle to make the perfect waffelato.

This seemingly simple step is a testament to the artisan's skill, as they ensure the gelato maintains its rich and creamy consistency despite the warmth of the waffle. This step is a culmination of patience and precision, a dedication to delivering the perfect bite every time.

Elevating Flavour and Texture

The Waffelato's journey does not halt at the assembly. Veluto’s Waffelato is loaded with an additional layer of delight by drizzling the gelato with thoughtfully chosen sauces and toppings. These sauces, such as rich chocolate or caramel, and scrumptious toppings such as Oreo on vanilla or roasted almond in coffee gelato or jaggery in coconut enhance the gelato ice cream sandwich’s flavour profile.

Toppings, often the unsung heroes, further enrich the experience. Chopped nuts, Oreo chunks, and caramelized sugar crunch are introduced to provide a symphony of textures that complement the gelato's creaminess and the waffle's crunchiness. This medley of flavours and textures takes the Waffelato from being just a dessert to a work of art.

The Final Flourish

The culmination of this artistry arrives as each Waffelato nears completion. Veluto's artisans invest time and attention into ensuring each gelato ice cream sandwich is a visual masterpiece. Aesthetics meets flavour in a beautiful symphony that captivates both the eyes and the taste buds. This dedication to presentation and packaging ensures that every bite is as delightful visually as it is in taste.

Veluto's Waffelatos are more than just sweet delights - they are symphonies of textures and flavours that come together effortlessly. The selection of gelato, the assembly, the drizzle of sauces, and the skillful use of toppings all add up to an out-of-the-ordinary experience. As a result, the Waffelato is savoured rather than eaten, leaving a lasting impression on the taste. Order desserts online in Delhi from Veluto, and experience the ultimate combination of waffles and gelato. Order online before 5 PM and get same day delivery.